What is a Wear Sleeve?

Because not all shafts are created equal, a TRITEC wear sleeve may be the answer! A wear sleeve is a custom engineered “bushing” that is manufactured to ensure the proper running surface for your TRITEC seal. The wear sleeve protects your shaft from unnecessary wear and, therefore, is an economical alternative to expensive shaft materials and heat treatment.

Depending on the severity of your application, we will select from a variety of materials and/or coatings that will withstand your application’s environment and ensure a successful sealing solution.

  • Common Sleeve Materials Used

    4140 Steel
    300 Series Stainless Steel with Tri-Armor
    0-1 Tool Steel
    17-4 PH

  • Sleeve Coatings

    Low volume, long life, abrasive media, no lube application
    Ion Nitride
    Good for low to medium corrosion resistance, inexpensive vs. TDC. Not necessary to grind after ion nitride
    Thin Dense Chrome (TDC)
    Case hardened, .003″ deep, inexpensive vs. hard chrome
    Hard Chrome
    Good corrosion resistance